Welcome to ITS Turbochargers

OEM, remanufactured and exchange turbo charger specialists in Leeds.

Garrett turbos

Brand new replacement OEM turbos direct from the manufacturer.


Remanufacturer turbos meeting OEM standards – flow balanced.


Turbo repair and diagnosis with a three day turnaround time.

DPF cleaning

Diesel particulate filter cleaning service. Available nationally.

ITS Turbos

New OEM Turbos, Remanufactured Turbos, Turbo repair and diagnosis and send in DPF cleaning

You might want a brand new OEM part or a cost effective repair option, but at ITS Turbos we can guide you through the options to enable you to make an informed choice.

ITS Turbos

Welcome to
ITS Turbochargers

ITS Turbochargers – The leading turbocharger specialists in Yorkshire. Established in 1993, with over 25 years of experience offering a fast and reliable collection and delivery service across the UK.

We specialise in anything turbocharger related for all car, commercial, marine and agricultural whether that be Genuine New OEM replacement, OEM remanufactured exchange, remanufactured exchange or cost of repair on your existing turbocharger.

ITS Turbochargers now offer a fast professional quality DPF patented flash cleaning service.

Direct from the manufacturer

Car manufacturers don’t make turbos. They are designed and manufactured by a few specialist engineering companies around the world and we can supply those same products, from the same production lines, bypassing the main agent stamp on the box that often seems to add so much to the cost!